Kodee Software

Using Cutting Edge Technology To Improve Lives Within Indian Tribal Organizations

About Kodee

inside kodee

Kodee software is a culmination of extensive experience within Indian Tribes and Casinos using cutting edge technology and global talents.

Within tribal organizations people are spending majority of their time entering redundant data rather than creating useful information to assist business decisions.

Kodee’s vision is to alleviate this frustration and to provide innovative solutions aligning technology, business processes, and people.

Kodee Transforms your work

Every employee has a dream to work in a place using their talents and unlocking their true potential. 

Kodee transforms organizations to be more meaningful and creative by using technology effectively. 

A positive transformation of work life leads to more fulfillment of personal life. Kodee technology is our passion to accomplish such dreams for the Tribal, Casino, and Indian Gaming Industries.  

kodee BENEFITS you

Specializing in Indian Tribes and Gaming industry, many people can benefit from our numerous Kodee Software modules.

These modules can often connect to other modules to create an ERP system using one module at a time.

For example, our licensing module for gaming commission can be connected with our report writer module to share common data. This innovative design provides flexibility and helps tribes of any size with any budget.

Kodee cloud security

Any stored data whether in Cloud or in-house exposes certain risks. However, this cloud security measure will be a more efficient way of mitigating your in-house storage. Kodee Cloud brings world class security measures by Microsoft Azure to strengthen the security of your cloud workloads with built-in services.

We offer outsourced security from Microsoft Azure to protect your data, apps, and infrastructure. With built-in security services in Azure that include unparalleled security intelligence you can identify rapidly evolving threats beforehand.

kodee cloud

"83% of the best-performing US businesses planned a SaaS strategy and considered collaborating with cloud service vendors in 2017,” according to a Cisco Survey. Kodee Cloud provides clients with powerful solutions at any size and budget.  With a streamlined standard process in place, Kodee cloud solutions provide additional flexibility by individual customization.

Software as a Service (SaaS) applications provide you with the speed and innovation in a complete, secure, and connected cloud suite. Embedded with modern, best-practice processes and built-in social, mobile, and analytic capabilities.

What does “kodee” mean?

“Kodee” all started with the humble definition of COE-D (pronounced: kōˌde) which stands for Collaborative Operational Enterprise Database, which was a platform to expedite data integration from multiple sources to a streamlined single solution. Shortly after, we realized our intended “ko-dee” pronunciation was being pronounced as “co-ed”(kō-ed) by clients, which resulted in changing the spelling of what is now; Kodee.

Kodee was born with the Urban Dictionary definition of best friend or someone you know for a long time. However, we maintained our original meaning of Collaborative Operational Enterprise Database in our spirit.