Kodee Software

Tribal Government

Tribal Enrollment

Manage your members with a personalized digital workflow that reduces storage and printing costs. Create and maintain relationship data including genealogy and family trees and have easy access to historical and current data. Integrate with other databases such as Indian Child Welfare, TANF, Housing and Clinic to obtain accurate benefits for tribal members.

Tribal Enrollment is also convenient for members as they can access their own data at a kiosk, integrate with your tribal ID badge making for software to have access to the most current information and photos.

Indian Child Welfare

The Child Welfare module offers an electronic solution to managing a child's case management file. Using a checklist you can quickly find a child's file including digital copies of important documents. You can create and save your own reports for internal reporting, workload analysis, and gaining additional insight into your process.

An easy to use digital calendar will prevent missing appointments or deadlines. Coupled with the Tribal Enrollment module, the Child Welfare module helps ensure that you don't miss any child hidden within your voluminous files.

Financial Report Writer

This module is ideal for executives, elected officials, and department managers to view financial performance data and create reports without having to access the general ledger. Build popular reports providing an overview of the organization's financial condition and a brief analysis of where revenues come from and how the money is spent.

As typical financial reporting using GAAP becomes more difficult to comprehend, this Financial Report Writer module is used to enhance the understanding of constituents on complex financial matters in an easy to understand format.