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Employee Licensing manager

Cloud Version Available

This application allows applicants to fill out an application form anytime and anywhere. Once an application has been submitted and accepted, the data is automatically transmitted to the Employee Licensing Manager module creating a paperless workflow for the application process.

Whether you choose to purchase the module or web application, you will have a powerful tool that simplifies and organizes the process of licensing employees from A to Z.

Vendor Licensing Manager

Cloud Version Available

The Vendor Licensing Manager application essentially works the same way as the employee licensing manager, however it is created for vendors. Vendors are able to fill out forms once, anytime and anywhere simplifying and organizing the process of licensing vendors creating an end-to-end workflow.

Using a checklist, your licensing process can be organized and personalized with easy access to the status of all vendor licenses including vendor principles and employees. With this module you will have a powerful tool that simplifies and organizes the process of licensing vendors from start to finish.

Incident report writer

The Incident Report Writer module is a powerful incident tracking and management solution with support for multiple properties. You can analyze trends by various metrics including location and incident type. You can create and save your own reports for internal reporting, workload analysis, and gaining additional insight into your process.

It can be used in conjunction with the Employee and Vendor Licensing Manager modules for real-time access to the most current list of licensed employees and vendors. Surveillance and/or Security Incident Report Writer users can easily share report with TGA Inspectors.

Internal audit software

A comprehensive audit software that makes it easier for auditors to complete compliance better and faster, help avoid potential and crucial mistakes with follow up reminders, and generate review work papers electronically.

The Internal Audit Software has two versions available: Enterprise Edition and Lite Edition. Our Enterprise Edition allows you to manage and review the entire audit process from beginning to end with multiple users/auditors. Our Lite Edition allows only a single user to manage and review the entire audit process from beginning to end.

asset tracking for COMPLIANCE

Keeping up with changes in slot configuration can not only create lots of error but can also be a time consuming and labor-intensive procedure. This entirely paperless process reduces issues by eliminating manual input and always giving you accurate tracking of slot machines.

Dashboard with graphs and charts track how your compliance spend their time in order to determine optimal staffing. With a click of a button, you can also keep track of revoked software from gaming labs for compliance while highlighting which machines currently have revoked software installed.

banned customer management

Creating paper files is no longer necessary to manage banned customers. Whether a ban is temporary, permanent, or voluntary, this module electronically manages banned customers and allows different departments to access profiles in real time.

This module gives instant notifications when a customer is banned and maintains historical information on bans for repeat offenders. Easy access is created with putting a face to the name by photo attachment and having a shared list between security, surveillance, and Gaming Commission.