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What is Kodee®?

Developed by Egghart Consulting and software engineering experts, Kodee® is a rapid development data integration platform which has been an OC Technology Innovation Award semifinalist for 2014 and 2015. Kodee® enables company’s personal configuration of the software to expedite their business processes and transform their business intelligence at an affordable rate. Using this platform technology, we have developed 23 modules for Indian Gaming regulators and operations.

What does the word “Kodee" mean?

Kodee means best friend and is the phonetic spelling of COED, which is the acronym for Collaborative Online Enterprise Database. 

How can Kodee transform my work life?

We spend at least half of our waking time at work, and every employee has a dream to work in a place using their talents and unlocking their true potential at work. Egghart Consulting - Kodee® is our vision of our clients enjoying work life in a thriving work place, has finally come to fruition. Kodee® transforms organizations work to be more meaningful and creative by using technology effectively. We want to share such core value with our clients using Kodee®; improving everybody’s work life for Indian Gaming Industry. Positive transformation of work life leads to more fulfillment of personal life. Kodee® technology is our passion to accomplish such dreams for Indian Gaming Industry after decades of receiving gifts from the Indian Gaming Industry as a trusted industry partner at Egghart CPA and Consulting.

How can we benefit from the software?

  • Expect a high return on investment
  • Spend valuable time on analysis rather than data input
  • Make decisions quickly based on speedy data integration from many sources (marketing, slot, accounting, payroll, hotel, etc.)
  • Save time and money as a result of efficiencies gained from automation
  • Customized data and reports addressing your specific needs
  • Go paperless

What types of database systems can Kodee® integrate with?

Data everywhere can be a hassle. Kodee® works as a platform and can integrate with Microsoft SQL, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Access, or all of them at once if you need to and present it as one monolithic database.

How can Kodee® allow me to communicate better?

Because of the unique technology, Kodee® allows you to easily access data from multiple departments and collaborate on ideas. Especially in the Indian Gaming Industry, Kodee® allows easy communication for gaming regulatory agencies and operations without high integration costs. Easily share templates, charts, grids, forms, or reports created in Kodee® with your co-workers. Work together to create pages and applications. Communicate and share progress through Kodee’s Chat and Newsfeed features.

Can we customize Kodee®?

Our team will work with you to configure Kodee® modules to your company’s needs. We also believe that Kodee should be stylish and attractive. That is why our engineers work relentlessly to give you a richer user experience to elevate your spirit at your fingertips.

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Welcome to Kodee Technical Support

We thank you for your continued support of our software solutions exclusively made for Indian Tribes and Casinos. We have received an overwhelmingly positive response from you, our valued clients, on how our services have helped streamline your business processes by aligning technology and people.

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