Financial Report Writer

        This module is ideal for executives, elected officials, and department managers. You can view financial performance data without having to access the general ledger and easily create customized reports. Visualize your key metrics to best see the big picture of your entity in order to make the necessary executive decisions. Build Popular Reports providing an overview of the organization's financial condition and a brief analysis of where revenues come from and how the money is spent in a laymen's terms. As typical financial reporting using GAAP becomes more difficult to comprehend, this Financial Report Writer module is used to enhance the understanding of constituents on complex financial matters in an easy to understand format.

Entity-Wide Financial Reporting
Consolidate all of your financial data automatically from disparate accounting software.

Popular Reporting
Create your own financial reports for non-financial people.

Visualize Your Financial Performance
With charts, graphs and heat maps, see your financial performance.

Insightful Dashboard
See key financial metrics at a glance.