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HIPAA Risk Analysis

HIPAA Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis for HIPAA Compliance

    It is true, a proper Risk Analysis can be a seemingly daunting project with many unknowns, leading to concerns about whether you are doing enough. You need an organized process to complete a proper Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security Risk Analysis. That process must be consistent with and considerate of the regulations while delivering tangible results that demonstrate to any auditor that your compliance efforts and analysis are complete and effective. When that inevitable audit comes, you must have the technical and administrative documentation to show evidence to back up your attestations. You will only get one chance to deliver your evidence, as they do not accept clarification after first submission.   

45   .F.R § 164.308(a)(1)(ii)(A)., standard and implementation specification require a Risk Analysis: 
(i)  Standard: Security management process. Implement policies and procedures to prevent, detect, contain, and correct security violations. 
(ii)  Implementation specifications: 
(A)  Risk Analysis (NOW required). Conduct an accurate and thorough analysis of the potential risks and vulnerabilities to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic protected health information held by the covered entity or business associate. 

    The Kodee HIPAA Risk Analysis Module assists you in an organized fashion to ask the right questions, gather supporting documents and other evidence and automatically generate reports for a more simplified comprehensive Risk Analysis.  Each item can be associated with a risk level to create a priority based implementation plan.  

Always in Compliance
Take the guess work out of compliance.

HIPAA Security and Privacy Compliance
HIPAA Security and Privacy Compliance Checklists come preloaded into the system.

Custom Checklist Support
Upload your own custom checklists for greater flexibility.

Entire Audit Process
From Planning, Fieldwork and Review to Finalizing the report, your entire audit process is streamlined.

Follow Up Audit Reminder
Avoid potential mistakes and missed due dates.

Automatic Report Generation
Findings from checklists will automatically be included in your report.

Generate and review workpapers electronically.

Audit Findings Search
Easily search for repeat findings and history of non-compliance.


BA Certification Manager

BA Certification Manager

Business Associate (BA) Compliance and Certification Manager  

Since the release of the final Omnibus Rule in January 2013, the ability to manage the Covered Entity (CE) and Business Associate (BA) relationship is more critical than ever. Having a clear understanding of your BA’s compliance program is critical to being able to avoid accusations of willful neglect in the event of a breach or even a random audit by OCR. For those BAs that are sub-contracting work, you too must know what your partners are doing to comply with the spirit and specifics of the law.   

We have the answer. The (BA) Compliance Certification Manager is a powerful application that supports the entire process from receiving BA attestations and associated evidence to issuing the certificate of acceptance. The database is stored on your servers as application forms are received through our fully managed web portal. And to provide you with piece of mind about the security of your data being gathered, we provide the encryption.

Whether you choose to purchase the module and leverage our free web application or simply purchase the module as a standalone, you will have a powerful tool that simplifies and organizes the process of certifying your BAs from A to Z. 

The Electronic BA application is a revolutionary web application that streamlines the BA application and vetting process for healthcare providers and BAs. It significantly reduces the amount of manpower, paper, and resources needed in the typically manual BA certification process.  

Web Application
BAs fill our forms once, anytime, anywhere.

End to End Workflow
From application to certification, BA Certification Manager simplifies and organizes the process of certifying BAs from A to Z.

Personalized Workflow
Using a checklist, your certification process can be organized and personalized.

Easily view the status of all BA certifications including all attached documents and other associated evidence.