Happy New Year!

We help people transform their work life to be more meaningful, in a fraction of the time it typically takes to make software, using our Kodee Platform.  Our team created the Kodee Platform with a vision to empower people to be more creative and energized at work, as it should be in a thriving environment.  Whether big or small, we want to help companies transform their work day into a joy, unlocking their true potential. This core value shines through in our software, how we support our customers and the way we engage with our community. Kodee can accelerate this transformation with its patent pending rapid development technology.  We believe that our work can change the world to be a better place by delivering extraordinary software at an affordable price.  We are excited to share Kodee with customers who surprise us every day with their creativity.

After 1,263 Kodee users with 23 applications and three OC Technology Innovation Awards in 5 years, we decided Kodee deserves its own space.

Now we introduce Kodee.net to you.


EJ Egghart, CEO, Kodee